29th February

We arrived early morning to a taxi that was taking us to Pai up in the hills due north-west of Chiang Mai near the Myanmar border. With 762 turns up and down the mountainous terrain, we made it for lunch with the help of travel sickness pills (Pips used quite a few on this trip!). Pai was very chill and laidback with lots of veggie cafes and hippy-dippy backpackers – Mummy felt rather mature compared to the surrounding demographic! We spent a day by the pool, ate lots of avocado due to it being in-season and went to an actual restaurant where we were wined and dined for dinner. It was also lovely in the evenings as it was cooler up in the north which suited us three sweaty betties. The next day we had an awesome tour of the area visiting the White Buddha, the Bamboo Bridge over paddy fields, going to a viewpoint, visiting our driver’s mother and eating all his herbs in his garden, eating his mother’s packed lunch for us consisting of rice, jackfruit stew and spicy greens, hot springs (I burnt my toes after misreading a sign that said, “DO NOT put your feet in this area”… ?) and finally Pai Canyon where we all got vertigo at some point, especially Mummy who had to go half way down again.


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