10th March

Gee and I had a 9 hour wait in Bangkok airport in between flights which was fine at the start but by the time we were boarding at 7pm we were absolutely done with the place. We filled out a survey by a Thai tourism company as well as spritz Jo Malone perfume into our stinking masks and a few games of I-Spy. Luckily our flight was not even half full so Gee and I had our own rows to spread out on and eat our Subway dinner.

We arrived to a very muggy and wet Bali at 1am. Gee had pre-booked a taxi to our HOTEL where we enjoyed our own twin room for the night at £9 each with a very nice pool in Seminyak. The place was empty and had a very yummy poke bowl cafe at the end of the road so we had breakfast there, used the pool for the afternoon and then walked the strenuous 300m down the road to our next accommodation for the arrival of Cici! Impressed with our room of 4 (we booked a 8-dorm ;)) and unpacked, we headed off to the recommended KYND restaurant and gorged on the delicious menu.

We spent the next few days chilling at beach clubs (trying to spend as little as possible as they were SUPER spenny), eating amazing veggie food and enjoying the bars in the evening.

We then moved to Canggu and stayed at Adi Homestay which was lovely and had a cat with 3 very little, cute kittens!

We had a day on the beach on sunbeds (managed to haggle our way to only pay £1 each for our sunbeds!!) and got a taxi back to Seminyak to eat at a cheap and good value sushi restaurant.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our plans were under attack and I bit the bullet and decided to get out of Bali and fly to New Zealand to stay with Jojo before things started shutting down. My idea became a reality VERY QUICKLY, so much so I booked my flights at 4pm for a 10.30pm departure to Sydney and then Auckland before NZ imposed their 14 day self-isolation rule. I enjoyed the last sunset of Bali, packed my bag, got a takeaway pizza for my dinner (I had to spend my Rupiah somehow!) and said my farewells to a shocked and sad Gee and Cici.

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