26th February

Hello fans! Long time no speak and wow a lot has happened. So 2 and half weeks ago, we arrived in Bangkok to a very misleading ‘boutique hotel’ 10 minute drive away from the airport so that we were close to pick up Mummy the following morning. We decided to go into Bangkok centre to find some lunch, do a bit of exploring and find a doctor to sort Cici’s blocked ear. The shopping centre, Siam Square, was quiet (our first experience of the results of Coronavirus and lack of Chinese tourists) but we found some lunch and took in the atmosphere. After stuffing our faces with sushi and frozen yoghurt we set off to find a clinic of some sort for Cici’s ear. Our closest one was “Police Hospital”. As we got closer we realised we were in the heart of the police department – “here we have the interrogation centre and to our right we have the criminal records library!”. Following google maps ever hopeful 2 DETECTIVES came to our rescue and boy were they attentive. We got escorted to two A&E departments with them asking in Thai what we should do. Eventually after 45 mins of walking around we were put in a taxi to go to the international hospital – the taxi driver couldn’t believe these two policemen helped us!

We got to the hospital and our doors were opened for us, we had our own guide that spoke English that came with us to every desk we needed and we were seen immediately by an ENT specialist who sucked everything out while Gee and I were filming this procedure completely absorbed by the microscope camera livestream. With now 3 pairs of fully functioning ears we got some dinner and headed back to the hotel.

Mummy arrives and our tour of Bangkok began with our guide Patrick who was a very camp but informative. We visited the reclining Buddha, the Royal Palace and the temple of Dawn all in 34 degrees and probably 85% humidity. It was quite the shock for us three as we were not used to packing so much in a day! We then got onto our overnight train to Chiang Mai with a passed out Pippa by 7pm and pot noodles for our dinner.

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  1. Great new Blog Daisy !- Well done for making the leap to a completely new software system. Glad you are safe and sound with Jo Jo in New Zealand – definitely not missing a thing in the UK – other than you darling parents and sister! xxx

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