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21st January

Arrived in Kampot after the worst speed ferry ride – super choppy and never ending we all felt a bit queasy once we hit Shitsville again. We then haggled our way to get our own taxi that was only $3 more than the big bus that would’ve taken twice the amount of time #winning. Arrived in Kampot which was swelteringly hot (our first bit of our travels without the luxury of the sea to cool us down) and chilled in our dorm of 4 until we were hungry and wanted to explore. Kampot is quite the expat destination so we had two days of boujee vegetarian cafes with falafels and salads to put some nutrients back in our broken digestive systems. We had one full day in Kampot so went to a Pepper plantation around 1 hour tuk tuk journey into the countryside. It was lovely to see the countryside of Cambodia from the luxury of a tuk tuk (they are way nicer than a mini bus we agreed) and then a guided tour of La Plantation. Our driver stopped at the Secret Lake which we learnt is a secret mass grave of prisoners and villagers that died building the man made lake during the Khmer Rouge rule in the 1970s.

We had a pepper tasting at the farm and then Gee needed some lunch so we sat and had juices and curry all grown on the farm. Would highly recommend going as it is run by a french couple that wanted to give something back to the community so built a school and the plantation which accommodates families and gives scholarships to the smartest 3 students in Year 3 that pays for all their future education at the Kampot private school and university. We also learnt how black pepper is made!

We watched the sunset and got an early night for our bus journey the next day to Phnom Penh.


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