Phnom Penh

23rd January

Phnom Penh was a lot of fun but also very hard where we learnt about the Killing Fields and the Khmer Rouge.

Our hostel was the chain of Mad Monkey party hostels so our first night we felt looked after – especially as one of the reps we became friends with on Koh Rong S turned up out the blue! Gee was knackered but Ceec and I were up for the party and went clubbing which was good fun.

The next day we went to the Killing Fields which was harrowing to learn about. We had the guided audio which went into the details of the horrors that occurred only 45 years ago. What made it so real was the fabric of clothes of the innocent people in the mass graves are still being uncovered by weathering so you can see it all as you walk around. You can also see bones around and all the skulls of the dead in the monument.

This is a mass grave of just children with a tree next to it used for beating them to death.

This is a lake with thousands of bodies underneath but has been left untouched to leave the bodies in peace.

We thought it couldn’t get much worse but we then went to the Genocide Museum and we felt sick with the photographs and torture equipment on show. Innocent men, women and children tortured for no reason other than suspicion of them knowing things against the Khmer Rouge and when you are walking through the rooms the eeriness and injustice in the air makes you feel light headed.

After quite the day we were knackered but decided to hit the club again for Chinese New Year – we didn’t stay long tho, bed was calling and we had a 6 hour bus the next day!

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